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Queer. Androgyne. Gray-Asexual. Gray-Aromantic. He/Him/His or They/Them/Their. Vers Slut.

Anarcho-Queer Feminist. Atheist. Activist. Vegetarian. Queer Theorist-in-Training.



    HARRY POTTER SPELLS: a summary

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    You can now pay someone’s delinquent Detroit water bill online →



    I cant help right now, but hopefully some of y’all can.

    i’ll be donating every week at least once a week, and i encourage everyone to do what they can

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    the fact that people have donated over $8000+ to a MURDERER who is already on PAID LEAVE fucking disgusts and terrifies me


    Stop white people

    "Support Officer Darren Wilson" = "I’m a racist asshole who wants to give a nice big bonus to the guy who killed an unarmed black kid because that’s what I secretly wish I could do".

    Fuck literally every person who donated even a penny. 

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    Anonymous asked: do you have any bandaids because I scraped my knee when I fell for you I was going to do this off anon because my picture is of me winking and it tied it together but I got shy and just want you to like the line because it's cheesy



    You’re adorable let me hug you please

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